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Terms and Conditions

PRICE CHANGES. Prices charged will be those ruling at time of delivery(not at time of order). We regret that due to the volatility of a "floating dollar" prices may be changed without notice. Every effort will be made to give as much notice as possible of any pending price changes.

G S T: A Goods and Services Tax of 10% will be charged on all invoiced items including freight.

DELIVERY AND FREIGHT. Delivery of goods will be made on the basis of free into store, Capital cities or FOB/FOR customer's nominated transport. In the event that no method of transport is nominated we reserve the right to ship by our usual method of carrying. In the case of small articles, this will be per Registered Mail, Australia Post. Freight billed on invoices is subject to 10% GST.

CLAIMS AND RETURNS. Any claims or returns must be made within fourteen days of receipt of goods. No returns will be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made by firstly contacting the office of the Company.

CREDIT FACILITIES- 30 day trade credit account. Credit facilities are given only on the basis that goods purchased in one month will be paid for by the end of the following month. Failure to comply with the trading terms and conditions as set out herein may result in the complete withdrawal of credit facilities or a credit restriction placed on the account. The company also accepts payment using Visa, Master Card, American Express for current amounts owing.

MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT. For economic reasons it is necessary to apply a minimum order requirement of $200.00. ($300.00 minimum for Tasmania and N.T.). If this pre-condition cannot be met then freight will be charged on all deliveries . These goods are sold on the basis of “Ex-warehouse” and freight is an additional charge.

STOCK ROTATION OF PENS IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. - SHELF LIFE. All pens have a shelf life and some have particular requirements in regard to the method of storage. Always store in a cool environment away from excessive heat (Store below 40 degrees C). To guarantee complete customer satisfaction please ensure that your stock is rotated strictly in accordance with " first in first out "methods. It is advisable that all pens be stored in the horizontal position. It is an absolute necessity in the case of whiteboard markers, that they be stored this way or the shelf-life will be severely restricted. Never store with the pen tip in the up position (vertically). No responsibility will be accepted by this company for stocks that have not been properly rotated and have dried up to due to old age.

RETENTION OF TITLE TO GOODS. The title to goods purchased from Australasian Merchandisers Pty Ltd does not pass until full payment is made of all monies owing to Australasian Merchandisers Pty. Ltd. All goods therefore remain the property of Australasian Merchandisers Pty Ltd until such time as all monies outstanding are received and the company reserves the right to collect its goods from customers premises without prior notice to a receiver/administrator.

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